Unique cases in the world of gambling that have happened

How is everyone? Are you still faithfully waiting for our latest articles? Now we are back again in the discussion about the world of gambling which is certainly always interesting and exciting to read. In this article we will try to discuss unique cases in the world of gambling that have occurred in all parts of the world. In life, of course, there are always various problems that come up. Likewise in the world of gambling, there are never ending problems that always arise. Whether from cheating players, winning players, problematic casinos or anything else.

However, most people always see two sides to the casino, namely the good side and the bad side. It turns out that in the casino there is still a unique side that is not widely known by the wider community. And now we try to discuss the uniqueness in the casino that has surprised all parts of the world. The following are unique cases in the world of gambling that have occurred in the world.

Casino owner fined US $ 15,000

You could say this is a quite unique case that occurs in the world of gambling. The reason is, this case happened to a casino owner and a successful businessman named Tilman Fertitta. Tilman is the owner of the Atlantic City Golden Nugget Resort Hotel and Casino and is also the richest man in the region. Tilman had to accept a fine of US $ 15,000 for betting within the boundaries. Uniquely, the fine imposed on Tilman for playing at the blackjack table was due to violating New Jersey rules.

Casino Palms Fines US $ 1 million in Las Vegas

A casino located in the Las Vegas area, Palms Casino has to bear daftar bandar qq online a fine of US $ 1 million imposed by the local government. This is because Palms Casino is involved in the investigation of prostitution and drugs that are increasingly happening in Las Vegas. After the results of the investigation and negotiation process against the government, it was reported that the Palms Casino was willing to pay the fine in seven installments to the state.

The Home Poker Game Robbery Case

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Robbery cases in the world of gambling may be very common throughout the world. However, what is unique in this case is the sentence handed down to the perpetrator which can be said to be very unreasonable. This case occurred in 2011 by a student from Maryland. Perpetrator named Sergio Hernandez, 24 years old, must be sentenced to 60 years in prison for armed robbery and violence that occurred at the Home Poker Game. In that incident, Hernandez ordered 2 hostages to lie down and remove their pants. The perpetrator also managed to escape with money and several other properties.

The Daily Mail Throws an Apology to Steve Wynn

This one case is quite unique. The reason is, the media outlet company based in London, England is known to be sending an apology to the owner of a casino in Las Vegas, Steve Wynn. The Daily Mail must apologize for their publication saying Wynn had links to the mafia. The news published by the Daily Mail finally became a very hot topic of conversation in the British public. Wynn, who felt his reputation was tarnished, finally filed a lawsuit and took the case to court. After the investigation and investigation process, the Daily Mail admitted that there was an error in the report they received from the source so that the news emerged.

Mirna Valenzuela Deported After Winning Jackpot

Which gambler would be unhappy and unhappy about winning the jackpot? Surely all gamblers will be very happy about this. However, in this case it turns out to have the opposite feeling when you get the casino jackpot. This happened to Mirna Valenzuela from Arizona who managed to hit a jackpot of US $ 1,200 at the Del Sol casino in Tucson. Mirna hurried off with her Mexican passport to go claim the jackpot. However, Mirna must experience the bad luck of having to be caught by a US border patrol agent who appears and takes her Mexican passport. Until finally Mirna was arrested and deported from Arizona.

That is our discussion in this article. Look forward to the next discussion that we will post.