Tips to Win Playing Dominoqq at the BandarQQ Agent

In the Dominoqq card game, the cards used to play are dominoes. Where the total dominoes are 28 domino cards.

Each player will be dealt 4 cards each. What started out was only distributing 3 cards.

This dominoQQ game is a game that is done by adding up the domino values ​​that we have. Our number of cards has a value of 10 more, so the value of the number must be reduced by 10.

How to get a card called QQ at a BandarQQ agent

Domino cards that are distributed have 4 cards, and will be divided into 2 parts, left and right. The left is the sum of 2 cards and the right is the sum of 2 cards.

Dominoqq is the value of 2 cards, which is 9. So to get DominoQQ is to get 2 left cards worth 9 and 2 right cards worth 9.

Tips to Win Playing Dominoqq at BandarQQ Agent | LenovoPokr

How to determine the winner in the Dominoqq game Situs Judi Online Bola

1. By looking at the results of the total card value
For example Person A gets 4 cards with a left side value of 9 and a right side value of 7.

Whereas in B get 4 cards with a left side value of 9 and a right side of 6.

Then the winner is A, because the value of the left card is the same, namely Q (9), then what makes the winner is the value of the card on the right side.

2. By Seeing the Highest Balak

Player 1 and Player 2 on the card above have the same number value, but what makes Player 2 win is the value of the bales.

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Player 2 has 6 logs, while Player 1 has no logs at all. So player 2 wins the match.

Types of special cards in the Dominoqq game

Pure Large Card, is 4 cards with a total number of 39 to 43.

Small Pure Cards are 4 cards with a number of numbers 6 to 9.

Balak / Twin Cards are 4 cards in the hand of all types of Balak cards.

The Six Gods Card is a special card that is the highest among the others, where the four cards have the same number 6.

So for this dominoQQ game we not only need to get the highest card score, but we can also maximize to get a card with a special value so that we win and get the Jackpot.