The Most Trusted and Safe Credit Slot Site in Indonesia

Pulse Slot Sites – Currently depositing using credit has become the main choice in playing online slot gambling. Moreover, everyone has credit to make phone calls or text messages. This is what makes credit deposits more and more interested.

To deposit using credit, each credit slot site has a different rate. Some provide high rates and some provide normal rates. Previously, you must first know what rate is. Rate is the discount that you get when you make a credit deposit.

Example: Telkomsel rate 0.8 = It means that when you make a deposit via credit balance 100 thousand you will get a discount of 20% of the amount you deposit.
Deposit 100,000 – 20% = 20,000. This means that the balance you will get is 80,000

After you understand the problem of deductions when making a credit deposit, you must also know what is needed when making a credit deposit. Here are the most important things when making a credit deposit:

  • First, you must always confirm the destination number to make a credit deposit.
  • If you make a deposit via credit transfer, you must attach the number you used when making the transaction.
  • If you deposit credit via a credit counter, or a credit purchase application. You must keep your proof of purchase.
  • After that you can immediately confirm via livechat to provide proof of your credit purchase.

If so, the customer service on duty will tell you the deposit amount that you have to fill. After filling in the deposit format, all you have to do is wait for the deposit process. When it’s finished, you can immediately play online slot gambling games.

Recommended and Most Trusted Credit Slot Agent in Indonesia

If you already understand how to deposit credit, it is no less important to find a trusted credit slot agent! Don’t get the wrong choice for your trusted credit slot site. In this article, we would like to recommend to you, a trusted credit slot agent, namely IDCASH88. D IDCASH88 you can deposit Telkomsel or Axis / XL credit . Or deposit using OVO , DANA or GOPAY . This is what makes this credit slot agent a recommendation and the main choice of the Indonesian people.

It’s not just an advantage when it comes to making a deposit. The games there are also very complete and many, for the winning percentage, don’t hesitate anymore. Many have won big wins and of course all withdrawal transactions remain smooth and safe. It’s no wonder nova88 is getting more and more trust from old members and new members who will join.

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Best and Safest Credit Online Gambling

Not only focusing on slot gambling, IDCASH88 is also a trusted credit online gambling . Because there are also very many games starting from. Soccer Gambling, Online Casino, Online Poker, Ceme Online and Online Dominoes. All available games you can play using only 1 User Id. This is one of the advantages of this trusted credit online gambling.

Then if you make a credit deposit, you can also make withdrawals directly to your account balance. The trick is you only need to register using your personal account number. For data security, it is guaranteed safe, because it uses the most advanced system of data security. Your data will be 100% safe and will not leak to anyone.

Even though you deposit using credit, you can also follow the promos and bonuses that apply to IDCASH88. There are no exceptions or anything, all members can follow the promos and bonuses. Every time you deposit 100,000 credit after deducting you will still get a bonus of 10,000. If you make a 50,000 credit deposit after deducting you will get a 5,000 deposit bonus. Very profitable, right?

The Largest Online Top-Up Gambling Bonus in Indonesia

Depositing using credit does not mean you cannot take part in existing bonuses and promos. IDCASH88 still allows members who make deposits via credit to take part in existing bonuses and promos. The bonuses and promos provided are also very many prizes that are given no kidding.

The following are promos and bonuses at IDCASH88:

  • DAILY EXTRA TURNOVER BONUS (Another Bonus from Weekly)

Has big bonuses and has the best service. It’s no wonder that IDCASH88 is a recommended credit gambling agent and there are many enthusiasts. So for those of you who want to register, you can register directly through the current list menu at the top of this article. If not, you can also directly contact Livechat or WA to ask for help registering an IDCASH88 account.

So hopefully this article can be useful and can increase your knowledge to make credit deposits and look for recommended pulse gambling sites. If you want to see an article on how to easily win playing online slots. You can immediately click on the following article. TIPS TO WIN TO PLAY SLOTS ONLINE