The best way to deal with defeat at online poker links

For some people, losing when playing on online poker links is so hard to deal with. There are various responses given by bettors when they experience defeat. There were those who responded with just words, some also issued expletives. Actually, losing and winning in playing poker is a common thing, the important thing is how to deal with it.

Every individual does have a different way of dealing with defeat, but everyone must feel annoyed if they lose. Especially when you lose in large numbers. It will definitely make the feeling chaotic. There will be a desire to release emotions and make up for the defeat that was previously obtained.

In fact, in online poker, you have a greater chance of losing than winning. Therefore the slightest mistake will immediately have a big effect. When defeat comes your emotions will naturally increase. However, playing with emotions will only be detrimental. Therefore, learn to face defeat in the following ways:

Accept defeat with humility

All players will definitely feel emotions when they experience defeat at online poker links. In fact, 85% of players will vent their emotions directly. Usually by playing in the next situs blackjack round with great emotion. This is very risky, because you will not be able to get anything when you play with emotions, you will even experience defeat.

Exploring excess emotion by exploding will only make you look unprofessional and childish. Professional poker players are those who can hold their emotions and are level-headed. When experiencing defeat, we face it humbly and look for what went wrong so that it can be corrected.

Making Defeat Motivation

Instead of overexerting emotions, it’s better to make losing at online poker links as motivation to play even better in the next game. Try to learn again about previous defeats, what mistakes were made and find ways to fix them. That way in the next game you will play better.


Losing does make you lose, but you will lose even more if you can’t respond well. You must be able to respond to defeat in a positive way so that it has a good impact too. If you respond negatively, instead of getting lucky, you will get lucky. So try to be a smart player in dealing with defeat.

Trying Again with New Luck

Losing playing at online poker links doesn’t mean you have to give up. In fact, defeat should be a whip to try again and again. Of course, you have to be better after losing. Find out where the mistakes are and fix them. Cool your head first, after calm then play again.

With a cool head and a calm mind, you will have a new, better fortune with a greater chance of winning. Remember the saying goes, defeat is victory delayed. If you lose once does not mean you will continue to lose, there will definitely be times when victory will come to you. So, don’t stop trying.

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