SV388 Cockfighting is an official cockfighting site and the best in serving live streaming cockfighting. The SV388 gambling site has various types of bets that you can play. The cockfighting game itself is very popular among the Indonesian people. We DepoBos are aware of this and work closely with SV388 to provide a bridge between bookies and online gambling players.

The SV388 Cockfighting Game is an online cockfighting game where players can place bets and live streaming of cockfighting matches. You will definitely get convenience and security when you join us as a part of DepoBos as a trusted SV388 cockfighting agent.

SV388 Online Cockfighting Site

The SV 388 site is a cockfighting gambling site that was recently launched in Indonesia. Seeing the success achieved by its competitor who was already present in Indonesia, namely S128 Live, made the sv 388 site want to have the same success. Therefore, a site that is almost the same as s128 was launched. This site is widely used by members in Indonesia as another alternative when the s128 site is not there or running out of arenas. Because this site has so many arenas that you can play, in collaboration with the very famous chicken fighting arena in the Philippines.

Agent Sv388 – In every online gambling game, there must be a system or rules that must be followed by players. Whether it’s soccer gambling, online casino and cockfighting, it has Agen Live Casino different game systems. Before placing a Bangkok Cockfighting bet, it is better if you know the game system of cockfighting, especially for beginner players. It is important to be aware of the game system because it has a huge impact on the results you will get later. Below are the terms in the SV388 Cockfighting bet:

Banker or Player is a bet on fighting cocks that are in a colored box. The red color indicates the Banker, which is the chicken of choice from the SV388 Cockfighting while Blue is the Player.
BDD is a betting condition where the winner of the bet guesses that both chickens are dead. For those who place this bet, the winnings will be more.
FTD is a condition where within 10 minutes, both chickens are playing a tie and neither of them is dead.
Those were some of the types of bets that you can place when playing cockfighting online. Of course, those of you who are interested in playing it must have an SV388 account first. Below we will explain how to join SV388 with us DepoBos Agent Situs Slot Online24jam.

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List of SV388 Cockfighting Agents

We have conveyed the advantages of playing live streaming online cockfighting to you. For those of you who want to join as a cockfighting member by registering SV388, DepoBos as the official SV388 cockfighting agent is ready to help you.

The way to register SV388 is very easy, you just need to fill in your data completely and correctly in the list column on our main menu. Confirm your registration to our customer service which you can contact via live chat or the contact listed on the DepoBos gambling site. Your account will be processed in a very fast time and you will get an ID and Password to Login SV388. It is enough to make a minimum deposit of Rp. 100.000, – you can play on the Official SV388 Cockfighting Site.

If you are confused about doing the Sv388 Gambling List, the sv388 cockfighting game through the DepoBos agent, don’t need to worry. Because the DepoBos agent has a non-stop 7 × 24 hour customer service to help you register sv388. Contact us directly through the livechat service which will connect directly to our Cs.

Contact our trusted online betting agent customer service DepoBos whenever you need help that is always online 24 hours non-stop. Take the opportunity to get the bonus we provide for you by joining as a member of the Trusted SV388 Cockfighting Agent DepoBos.