Gambling idn poker login is currently under the spotlight by the government and is the main focus by the government. Because indeed playing gambling is bad behavior and is not praiseworthy. The government has actually made strict regulations regarding the prohibition of gambling. But they don’t run out of wits, now the bookies are creating online gambling games that are more difficult to monitor and destroy.


Of course we all have very often listened to all the problems situs poker deposit pulsa that exist about gambling. Also how is the practice of gambling which is actually growing and spreading to many places and is increasingly difficult to eliminate. Because of the things below.

1. Lack of awareness

There are many people who know about the prohibition of gambling and also feel troubled by gambling, but they just remain silent as if they don’t care and don’t want to bother at all.

2. Lack of Assertiveness

Indeed, articles of law on all forms of practice have been around since the very time. But now the law doesn’t seem as strong as it was before. In fact, there are many gambling games that are actually backed by the scattered apparatus.

Gambling is indeed something that we are very interested in, even though the prohibition is very clear in our country. There are also heavy community sanctions. It is better if gambling is eliminated by all circles. Because it has a bad impact. It can also damage the new generation. If you do this, the gambling will get bigger and online gambling will be more difficult to control.

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Of course, eradicating online gambling is something that is currently being considered for a solution. We must not give up even though it will be very difficult. Here are some things you can do.

1. Close the site

Of course this one firm step is a very effective step. Because in general online gambling sites originate from Indonesia, of course the most effective way is to hack the site and then delete it for good.

2. Track the Dealer

Another way is to keep track of all the people involved in a gambling practice. If we catch the brain, all of his subordinates must be in disarray.