The sv388 cockfighting is so popular that it is very easy to find it anywhere. Especially in Indonesia where gambling fans are very high. Cockfighting is so popular because of all its advantages that make it one of the promising gambling industries. There are so many types of gambling but cockfighting, even though it is classified as a classic, still has many loyal fans.


One of the most popular types of gambling is cockfighting which has now been adapted into an online form which adds to its practicality. The first time it appeared a few years ago, online cockfighting was increasingly popular and growing because of the following.

1. Presenting Tension When Seeing Chickens Fight

Here comes the biggest attraction of this cockfighting, that is, we will be presented with a very entertaining show, that is, we can feel the tension when we see a rooster fight poker pulsa online. We cannot find this in other games besides cockfighting.

2. Not complicated rules of the game

We don’t need to compete strategy here. When we want to bet we only need to choose which chicken we think will win then we only need to deposit our bet money for the next match will start. And we will watch our betting chickens compete, if we win we will also win the bet money.

It will certainly be very fun to play this online cockfighting, we don’t have to bother having to go to a cockfighting place like before, which is also very likely to be raided, usually those who stand illegally and don’t have a permit.

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It’s an important thing when we want to bet, we have to understand which chicken we are going to bet on. Do not let us just carelessly determine the choice of a chicken hero. There are several things that I have summarized to determine the chicken as below.

1. Size Doesn’t Matter

Chickens are animals that if you want to be used as fighting cocks, there are also things that must be considered, among others, how to care, of course, they need extra care because they are required to be stronger than chickens in general. Also it must be trained so that you are not afraid of any of the chickens.

2. Agility is very influential

What is seen from the fighting cock is the pattern of the game, which is how it attacks and what the punches look like, how fast is the movement like that, not only do we check its physicality.

After we discussed above, now of course we know what online cockfighting is. And what kind of technical rules are there. Until what is the criteria for a good chicken.