List of the Best Online Poker Sites, Win with Mediocre Cards

When you decide to list the best online poker sites there is bound to be a goal in yourself such as winning. Winning at the game of poker is both fun and profitable. You can get money instantly or you could say get rich quick if you win at the betting table and get the jackpot.

Everyone’s goals for playing online poker are different, but winning is a player’s dream. The percentage of wins and losses in playing poker is just as big. The effect of winning is not the cards you get but purely from your skill in arranging cards. Given that the dealer will randomly distribute the cards so it takes skill to arrange them.

But actually the winning percentage can be increased if you list the best online poker sites and play games with special tricks. Even though the cards you get just barely if you can master a special trick, the chance of winning will still be great. So don’t be pessimistic about whatever card you get because all possibilities can happen.

The particular trick in question is a bluff trick that can lead you to victory even if you don’t have a hand. But before mastering this trick, you must first understand the basics of cards in the game of poker. The bluffing technique is divided into two namely pure bluffing technique and semi-bluffing technique which will all be explained below.

Poker Basics You Should Know Before Bluffing

  • Order of poker cards

The basics that must be understood before the list of the best online poker sites is understanding the order of the poker cards. If you understand each sequence from highest to lowest, it will be very easy to make card combinations. So whatever card you get can be arranged and combined into the card with the highest value.

  • Types of poker cards

The second basis is to understand the types of online poker balakplay cards that there are really many and must be memorized. Each type of card has its own chance so it is hoped that you will understand this well. In order to be able to arrange poker cards based on their type, so that you can still make good combinations regardless of the cards you get from the dealer.

  • Percentage of winning poker cards
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A list of the best online poker sites like the POKER1001 site does have a high win rate especially if it is balanced with skill. Therefore it is important to understand the percentage of winning poker cards that are obtained. So you can adjust the direction of the game and can bring the card to victory even if the card you get is mediocre.

How to Bluff Your Opponent With Mediocre Poker Cards

  • Pure bluff technique

One of the bluffing techniques that can lead you to absolute victory is pure bluffing technique. The way to apply pure bluffing technique is to bluff right from the start of the card being dealt or bluff the fast way. So that it doesn’t give your opponent the opportunity to think and feel that your card is very good.

  • Semi-bluff technique

Semi-bluffing is the opposite of pure bluffing, which is bluffing at the end of the bet. In applying this technique, you must think carefully and see the condition of your opponent’s card. At the end of the game you can all in if your opponent keeps checking, but if your opponent raises, then consider again.

The chances of winning can be enlarged or even smaller depending on how you play the game. If you can master special techniques such as bluffing your opponent then your chances of winning are even greater. So that the list of the best online poker sites will not be in vain, it can even lead to big profits.