How to Use Auto Spin Online Slots

Slotonline – There are useful little tools in the game that make it easier for us. Whether it’s a personal assistant on our phone or even the handy Autoplay feature in our favorite slot, sometimes, we want it all to be done for us. If you prefer to watch the reels spin by yourself, then the Autoplay feature might just be your new friend on the slotonline site.

What are the Autoplay Features on the Slotonline Site?

Autoplay is a feature that is available in all online casino slot games, and allows you to be automated. Spin your chosen slotonline reels for a selected number of spins, without having to press a button. It could be 5, 10, 20 or even hundreds of rounds. Useful if you are out or about or you let your game play in the background while you are watching your favorite shows.

How does it work?

All you need to do is ensure that you have selected your bet amount and your spin from the game controls. At the bottom of your screen, and then you are ready to press Spin. Each win will still appear on the screen before the next spin, so you won’t miss a big winning combination. Also, if you trigger the Bonus Spins during the Autoplay, you can play them normally until the round remains complete.

Of course, if you play with more strategy and want to have flexible betting options. Then the Autoplay feature may not be for you. If you’ve set your Autoplay to 100 spins on the Max Bet slot playstar and change your mind. You can of course stop and change your bet, but it’s always easier to control your bet with each spin. So, it’s always better to plan ahead and take your bankroll into account.

Why Should I Use the Autoplay Feature?

Autoplay can also be a great feature to try out in any Agen Casino Terbaik slot’s free play mode. Choose a decent number of spins and a medium to high bet level. Watch the spin spins, and you’ll be able to figure out the volatility and mechanics of the game without having to do the hard work.

If you are looking for a big jackpot, then Autoplay is ideal, allowing you to maximize your spins in no time, so that you get the best chance of getting your stuff.

More and more thrill-seeking players among you can enjoy the chase, and the rush that comes by clicking the Spin button. Although Autoplay usually makes your gameplay faster, some players may not enjoy the thrill of not being part of the game. It all depends on how you prefer to play.

  • Read the Payment Table

The pay tables found in online slots can vary in design and how they display information based on game features or even game provider. However, they are usually very easy to navigate and you will most likely not find most of the same types of information in them. Such as features, symbols, and paylines.

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When you open the pay table the order may differ by game and provider, but more often than not you won’t see a list of symbols, with all symbols and their values ​​in winning combinations. For certain games, the first page might focus on slot-specific features. Otherwise, this information is usually on the second page. It is followed by special symbols on online slot sites, such as Scatters and Wilds, and finally a breakdown of game paylines.

Depending on how many special features and symbols the slot has, the pay table can have multiple “pages” or slides. Getting past them is fairly easy, however, as there are arrows at the bottom or side of the pop-up window that let you flip through the information.

To make it easier for you to read the slot bookie payout table, we’ve listed the most common features below:

  • Symbol Value on Slotonline Game

The symbol chart lists all symbols in the game, usually in order of highest to lowest payout, and includes the value of their respective coins along with the possible winning combinations. This is where you can find out which symbols to look for if you are looking for high coin wins.

  • Special Symbol

This list will usually display at least two symbols: the Wild game symbol and the Scatter symbol. If the game has bonus features, you’ll also find bonus symbols here and additional Wilds if the game offers more than one. Basically all symbols which work differently are described here.

  • Feature Description

The bonus features and free spins features are usually detailed and described in detail in the payout table, sometimes over several slides. This information can include specials, such as extra Wilds during bonus spins, Multipliers in free spins spins and even how many free spins you get. So, you should familiarize yourself with this information if you are a fan of the in-game features, such as us.

  • Paylines

Sometimes it appears on all slides, along the top or bottom, while other times it appears as a slide on its own. This is a list of all the lines that will allow you to win in the game. From horizontal and vertical lines to even zigzags! If you want to learn more about how paylines work, why not check out our handy guide?

  • Jackpot Information

If you play at the jackpot online slot agent , progressive or other, you will also be able to find out how the jackpot can be won on the payout table. Sometimes this might be mixed into the bonus feature section, as slots like for example Mega Fortune Dreams have jackpots in their bonus rounds. So make sure to check carefully.