High Value Up To Low Value Cards In Poker Games

In the game of poker you must also understand that not all cards have the same value but differ between the two. By understanding the various types of cards in the game of poker, therefore you don’t feel ignorant when playing poker gambling games later. But by understanding all the poker game cards, you can play the poker game that you expect more easily. How? Want to know what card is? Check!

Royal flush
First, the royal flush. Royal Flush is counted as the highest card type in poker so that by using this card you can win the game. Generally, a royal flush card consists of 5 cards but they only differ in value. This card has a symbol that is similar between one card to another.

Four of a kinds
If the first one is named royal flush because it is different from the second one, namely four of a kinds. This card consists of 5 cards, namely four cards of the same value, different symbols and one card that has another value and symbol. Even this card can also be called a quads card.

Full house
All 3, full house. Full house is a combination of the 2 card types, namely poker deposit pulsa three of a kind and a pair. Where it can be stated that the full house card is five cards consisting of 3 cards having the same value and symbol. The other two cards have the same value but differ only in the symbols in poker.

4th, flush. This flush card is different when compared to the initial card, so on the flush card you will find a card with the same symbol. But there is an inequality that appears on each card in the game of poker, which is only different in value for each card. Until each card does have a different value between the two.

All five, straight. Straight is one type of card that often appears in poker games. But before that, this straight had about five cards. Where each card has a consecutive value between the two but only differs in the symbol of each card. Generally, the cards are in order from smallest to large.

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Three cards of akind
The six, three of a kind. In three of a kind, it is different, that is, this card has about five cards and the five cards have three cards that have the same value and two cards have another value. Until it can be said that this card is said to be three of a kind.

Two pair
, 7th, two pair. Two pair is a card consisting of 5 cards in which the two pair cards will later be divided into two pairs of pairs and one remaining card. Two pairs of pairs, which means four cards that have different values, while the other cards have nothing to do with some of the other poker cards.

One pair
The 8th, one pair. Now, when it comes to one pair cards, this one pair consists of 5 cards. Later these five cards will be split back into three other cards and two cards that have the same value. But if you get a card like this, it is said that the card you get is a pair.

Straight flush
Then there is something called a straight flush, it remains the same as a card that usually consists of 5 cards. In this straight flush, therefore, you can see the value of the other cards but they are still in order between the largest value to the smallest value.

High card
Finally, the high card. This high card is the lowest card because you can rarely win by using a high card. Until the high card is often said to be a card that has no value in the game of poker. Well, this High card has an irregular value so it is common to say that it is the lowest card. don’t forget to play trusted online poker sites nowadays.