Before listing real money online poker, know the history of poker

Are you planning to build an online poker list from real money? If so, then it is a good idea to also know what the story of this card game is like. Because it really feels incomplete if you are a fan of the game, but I don’t know what the long history of the game of poker is.

This game, which uses 52 cards, turns out to have a pretty long story, we never even imagined it. So far, it has provided the convenience of playing poker. Just configure a smartphone or computer connected to the appropriate internet connection, you can play this game immediately.

Only in Indonesia, this poker game became popular in the 2000s. Where is the popularity of the game results obtained from television and the internet. Meanwhile, the type of poker game that is still popular today is Texas Holdem Poker. To be clear, you can immediately hear the history of poker before the real poker money list.

History of conventional poker games.

It feels incomplete or hasn’t included real money poker money, but I don’t know how the story goes. In fact, the origin of this game is still a matter of debate. But the most reliable is this game idn poker online from China in 969 BC.

At that time, this game was developed in the era to the Emperor Mu Tsung. As reported, at that time, Emperor Mu Tsung had already played a game that bore a resemblance to poker, but was still using dominoes. He himself played with his wife at night. The domino cards used are also made of wood, which are quite expensive but slim.

On the other hand, there are those who argue that this game of poker originated in Egypt. Precisely around the 12th and XIII centuries. The method used is almost the same as the card used today. However, there is another part that says that this game originated in Persia. It was developed in the sixteenth century called Ganjifa.

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In the Persian area, the Ganjifa deck used is 96 cards. The card itself is made of wood which is expensive, but very thin as paper. Not only games, it turns out that there is also another card game called NAS which uses 25 cards.

History of the Game of Online Poker

After that, according, in the United States, it was also believed that it was a game play ground. Precisely in the Mississippi River area around 1700 to 1800. The game at that time turned out to have similarities with poker in this modern era. This is what is treated as a precursor to the game of poker in the modern era.

Due to the growing popularity of the game of poker, in 1970 there was a poker tournament for the first time, which was named the World Series of Poker. Where this tournament is celebrated every year. Not only that, this game is getting more and more popular in the world thanks to tournaments.

And Texas Holdem Poker is one of the popular games where the game is made in Texas by a group of game lovers. And the game was finally brought to the casinos in Las Vegas. This is what makes this game even more popular.

In Indonesia, online poker games are the choice for many gamers. Because this online game feels safer and provides comfort compared to gambling. Time of trouble, you will also be more flexible in playback. Immediately register real money poker online.