6 Special Terminology Commonly Used in Indonesian Online Casino Roulette Gambling Sites

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Indonesian Online Casino Have you ever tried playing at an online casino roulette gambling site? Most of you may be interested in other gambling games, such as poker, dominoes or other Capsa dealers. But did you know that roulette is a very exciting game compared to the three games mentioned above?

The game of roulette is less popular among gamblers, which is probably because in the game, every gambler doesn’t know how to bet until they accept the payout system. Combined with the betting conditions in it can make players hesitate to play online roulette gambling sites. If you are the first to know roulette, I recommend reading the previous roulette guide. So for this article I will do by discussing online roulette gambling sites.

6 special terms commonly used on Indonesian online roulette gambling sites

Before you play on an online roulette gambling site, make sure you have registered and have an account at an Indonesian online roulette gambling agent.

In practice, the roulette betting system is divided into internal and external bets. In the previous article, I also discussed the correct betting methods on online situs slot terbaik roulette betting sites and today we will explore them.

Straight up

The first specialized term most often used in roulette is the straight, also known as the straight straight. So, what is live betting?

The straight bet is a type of bet in the game of roulette. These live bets have the highest return value. Just to be able to win by choosing to bet here, you have to have a very high wealth.

In this bet type, you have to bet between the numbers on the game table. The numbers start from 0 to 36. When you win this bet type, you get 36 times your stake. Interesting?

Tip: When making a straight bet / straight bet, choose a number. Don’t count on winning by one or two points. Betting a lot of numbers will increase your chances of winning.

Split bets

Apart from live betting, you often hear the names of separate bets. Separately, which means sharing and betting means betting. Therefore, when combined, means the betting spread.

Roulette betting is really easy to understand. When you set a goal to get 36 times the profit you make in the split bet, you will receive 1: 16 times the profit from the split table. Split bets are very different in terms of spreads, meaning you have to bet between one number and the other number on the left, right and above. .

In this bet, simply place your game chip in the middle of the line between two numbers. See the image below

Tip: Reliable online casino gambling website providers also have these separate betting tips. This is a split bet that you can win easily. Combine this split bet with the straight bet, so this will be the best trick to winning the game on roulette betting sites.

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Street betting

The third is street betting. This betting system is line betting. When you make a 1 straight number, 2 split number bet, this split bet is 3 numbers.

This bet is made by placing the chip at the end of the table column. Now the more you bet, the less your winnings will be. Likewise, when a player wins the Street bet the payout is 1: 11.

Corner bet Corner

bet or interpreted as the corner bet Many players think that the Coenet bet is not correct, it is a bet made by looking at the corner of the image on the table. This is a corner betting misconception.

On the online roulette gambling website to determine the angle of the bet based on the corner of the number When you place your name on the corner of the number and place the chip on the 4 numbers, it is called the corner bet.

bets in this corner have less payouts than the top bets. With a 1: 8 ratio on the gaming table fastbet99

Tips for winning roulette bets with corner bets are widely featured on YouTube videos such as combining multi-corner bets and split bets or street bets. You can cover the entire game table. has

column and row bets

Now, when it comes to outside betting, the most famous online roulette sites are column bets and line bets.

The roulette table consists of 3 columns with 3 rows of numbers. Each of these columns and rows has a total of 12 numbers, so most of these bets are called dozen bets or tens of bets.

This bet has a higher chance of winning than any other bet, in fact this type of gambling is very popular among gamblers on online roulette gambling sites. With a win rate of 30% or more, of course, you don’t need to hesitate anymore when making these dozen bets. The

payouts are also very attractive, when the player wins, he will get 1: 2 of the bet he made.

Even and Odd

Lastly, outside bets are called Even-Odd, Black-Red, Small-Big. These three types of bets will make you win.

With a 1: 1 payout and 18 betting points, your win rate will increase dramatically by 50%. Based on my own mathematical calculations, this external bet is widely used by all players to increase their bankroll in half. Equal The key is to play the game patiently by combining color bets and even odd bets.

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